A new beginning

30/07/2021 - 11:16

It is the end of July 2021. I post a photo a day to my Facebook page and I also write a diary. I thought I would combine the two to write a blog. At the moment this has been blocked by my Virus checker. I am hoping to overrule it so I can continue...watch this space !

Saturday 31st July...got it working again somehow....not I am not sure how to continue...should I start a new page or carry on from here ? Will just muddle along. And to think I have, in the past, created websites myself. We have had some rain at last which the garden is pleased about.

We have had a selling exhibition in the Corn Exchange in Cardigan for the past week and I had to go in today to take down my stall. Not sure how much I have sold, should hear exactly later in the week. This time of year is usually spent making up for the things I have sold. It has been a very strange and slow time during Covid and things are only just starting to get back to somehting like normal. My creative mojo left me for a long time.

I notice from the contacts I have in the craft world that the desginers are already working on their Christmas wares. Hoping that we will buy stencils, stamps and patterned craftcard already. Not for me though.I am struggling to find things to get me through the late summer and into aurumn.



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